Voice Solutions

LogicomUSA® partners with you to provide an affordable HD Voice Solution for your Broadband customers through VoIP systems. Customers will experience an easy transition with plug-and-play service.

We make it simple!

Your customers will find the transition easy and painless. Customers can choose a new phone number or keep their current numbers. Our porting specialists understand exactly what needs to be done and they are experts at making the transition and porting process smooth for everyone.

Offer Home Phone Service

Residential customers are provided with unmatched service and features with our residential voice solutions. While cell phones have become most families prime source of voice communication, there is still a need for reliable and cost effective home phone service. This is especially true in the rural areas in which your members live. Cell coverage can be spotty and frustrating. Clouds and storms can also interrupt cell service but not their home phone services. We help keep families connected when it matters. 

Ugrade Voice for Local Businesses

Business customers will find a feature rich voice solution that will meet the needs of their business today and for the future. LogicomUSA® will be your partner in finding and creating solutions to help businesses save time and money, grow their business, and help them to better serve their customers.


“The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”

 ― Elbert Hubbard