Whether you’re looking for a VoIP system on your current broadband or installing a private network, upgrading your business phone system doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. You’ll be able to customize your system to fit your needs and budget and keep your current business presence and phone number. We’ll get your phone system up and running quickly and empower your employees to do more.



Truly unified communications. It’s about time.

Conduct real-time meetings around the globe with voice conferencing. Upgrade a business phone system and get the powerful capabilities of your business phone system right on your smartphone, and more.



The last business phone system you’ll ever need
Hard work went into bringing your business communications the best in cloud technology. We’ve built our business phone solutions to be a feature-rich workspace for your company. We even update your system automatically for you so you’ll always have the latest and greatest.






What’s cloud-hosted VoIP?

Well, for starters, it’s great.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means your phone will run over the high-speed internet and connect your IP network to the cloud. A VoIP phone system that’s hosted in the LogicomUSA® Cloud is feature-rich, reliable, efficient, and affordable.



Make your “business as usual” extraordinary

Phone systems that update automatically,
so you’ll always have
the latest and greatest
Powerful unified communications build efficiencies and streamline your workday
Keep your current business presence and phone numbers when available
Transition to new and more robust solutions seamlessly
Innovative contact center solutions also upgrade your customer experience



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