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When you join the LogicomUSA® Referral Partner Program, you can access a new income stream by referring potential LogicomUSA Business customer leads.

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Our portfolio of products and services is expansive and constantly growing. We service everyone from startups to enterprise companies with deep knowledge of communications industries. That means when you partner with LogicomUSA®, you’ve got viable solutions for almost any target customer.

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With the LogicomUSA® Referral Partner program, your leads won’t go to waste. Our sales agents are personable, smart, and convincing, and have an excellent rate of sale completion. As a LogicomUSA® Partner, you’ll discover that a higher percentage of what you refer to us turns into money for you.

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We believe in lasting partnerships based on a rewarding structure with efficient payouts. Our program is simple and backed by an attractive portfolio suited to businesses of all sizes. The bigger the customer deal, the more you earn.

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