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From helping you provide services as a Communications Service Provider to enterprise solutions or the right voice systems for a local start-up, we’re here with the communication and technology innovations you’ll need today to meet the challenges that are right around the corner. Just tell us what you need.


When your project is successful, we are successful. Our partners trust us to provide top tier technology and practical solutions designed to minimize costs and time without compromising quality. We stand behind our work. We stand behind our partners.


"Logicom is staffed with many great employees who treat you well and really embrace the partnerships that we have with them."

Cody Durham, Tishomingo Connect

"Logicom shares several key values with ACE Fiber: providing rural America with access to world-class technology; offering affordable services to our subscribers; and driving economic development and innovation in our community."

Sean McGrath, ACE Fiber

"Logicom rose to the top of our VOIP vendor review due to their robust service offering including compliance and regulatory support. As a new entrant, we valued the expertise and experience Logicom brought to the table."

Knoxville Utilities Board

"One of the predominant criteria that Central Alabama Electric Cooperative and its subsidiary Central Access seek in partnerships is the ability to deliver on expectations. Logicom has been a reliable and trusted partner to CAEC and Central Access since their alliance began in 2019."

Chris Montgomery, Central Access

"Logicom has worked hard to meet our members need in the MLEC area and have been a great partner is bringing reliable service to our area."

Keith Carnahan, ML Connect

"Logicom helped get our broadband project off the ground and started."

Dustin Catoe, RiverNet Connect

"We chose Logicom because they are a true partner. They work with us to meet our regulatory demands and their platforms are agile enough to easily integrate with our many OSS/BSS systems. "

Daniel Watson, TVEPA

"What Logicom offers our co-op is a service that is the least effort for us with the greatest reward."

Cooperative Partner

"We decided to partner with Logicom because right off the bat it was a great fit. The process felt like working with your neighbor. They listened to our needs and didn’t try to oversell us on anything. Everyone was helpful and since our partnership began, they have been rooting for us to succeed. Logicom has been a great partner for us in our endeavor to bring quality service to our members. Logicom has a great reputation in the industry and I’m happy that we get to experience that firsthand."

Marcus Robinson, Coosa Valley Technologies

"Logicom is providing a quality service on technical support!"

Bruce Purdy, Northern Alabama Fiber

"The LogicomUSA team is excellent. They are so responsive. They truly care about our customers, just like we do. I couldn’t imagine doing what we do without them."

Cooperative Partner

"Logicom, they answer the phone when you call. No one else does that in the telecom industry!"


"Logicom’s voice and technical support service are exceptional! They have a very strong reliable voice service offering and their engineers are very knowledgeable when we have problems. We can auto-provision our voice services automatically through their integration with our GLDS billing system. We also use Logicom for Tier 3 consulting with our network, and I can always count on them when needed."

Mark Freeman, Sprout Fiber

"LogicomUSA’s business model is similar to us in that they are driven by customer service. We were impressed by LogicomUSA from day one with their willingness to not just be a vendor but a partner."

Mike Partin, SVE Connect

"Logicom believes if you are successful, then we are successful."

Utility Partner

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