Connecting your Vision
with your Future

LogicomUSA® empowers communication providers with quality services needed to provide for their communities and customers. We set our partners up for success by giving them what their customers need for connecting and communicating.


Contact Center

Experience superior technical support with LogicomUSA Contact Center. Our 24/7 real human technicians achieve an impressive One Call Resolution rate of over 87%. We don't charge by the minute or number of tickets handled, allowing us to focus on reducing call-ins and providing proactive troubleshooting. Our integrated knowledge base and custom platform ensure even faster support. Trust us to deliver exceptional service and support to you and your customers. Experience a seamless and efficient technical support with LogicomUSA Contact Center.

We are not a vendor, but a partner; working alongside companies, listening to, and solving problems they face. Our partner's vision is our vision as we work to accelerate their growth and enable success.