Electric Co-op Solutions

Provide Voice Services to Your Members

While cell phones are a big part of our lives, phones in the home and business are still necessary. This is especially true in rural areas where cell coverage isn’t strong. Businesses depend on their phone systems each and every day. Let us help you show them all the things they never knew their phone could do!

Offer Unmatched Technical Support as a Co-op

Things happen, customers have questions, they want a helpful voice on the line, and it isn’t usually from 9 to 5. Customer service is often a lost art in our fast paced world. We are there for you and your members!

Build Managed Services for Business Customers

In business, things have to work and they have to work well to serve the needs of each individual business. Offering managed services puts your customer's mind at ease knowing that his or her network is in qualified and capable hands!

See the Difference with LogicomUSA®

We have been there since the beginning of the broadband movement through electric cooperatives by helping some of the pioneers bring services to their rural membership. We understand what it will take to make your vision a reality!

Success Stories from our Partners

Don't just take our word for it, hear what our partners and their customers have to say.