When your project is successful, we are successful. Our partners trust us to provide top tier technology and practical solutions designed to minimize costs and time without compromising quality. We stand behind our work. We stand behind our partners.

ACE Power was America's first rural electric cooperative and started offering broadband and related services in 2020 to better serve their community. ACE Fiber is providing rural America with access to world-class technology.

In late 2018, the Central Alabama Electric Cooperative launched their fiber campaign to rural Alabamians who desperately needed this service. Central Access provides the local link.

Since its founding in 1939, Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative has focused on providing excellent service. CoosaValley Technologies began bringing faster broadband and better service to all members since partnering with LogicomUSA.

By offering affordable, reliable broadband to overlooked communities, MLConnect was formed in August 2018 to create brighter tomorrows in education, healthcare, economic development and daily living.

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Offering fiber internet and phone services for personal and business use, NT Spark provides local support from a trusted cooperative.

As one of the first electric cooperatives in the TVA area, PCEPA stepped up to meet the broadband needs of their customers in April 2020. Prentiss Connect was the first cooperative in Tennessee to complete their main fiber line.

The goal of RiverNet Connect is to provide world-class internet to every house, on every dirt road that wants it and will not stop until they have done just that.

Cullman Electric launched Sprout Fiber Internet to connect its electric system to a world-class fiber-optic network. Phase 1 has been successful and we are working on bringing Sprout Fiber Internet to 10 additional areas in 2022.

Sequachee Valley Electric Cooperative was the first electric cooperative in the state of Tennessee to light a home, and in July 2018, they began offering broadband services to their customers. Like LogicomUSA, SVE Connect is driven on excellent customer service.

In 2019, Mississippi state legislature allowed electric cooperatives to serve broadband to their members. Realizing the digital divide, Tishomingo Connect began serving broadband to their unserved community in 2021 and are on track to serve all of their electric members with world-class broadband.

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TVI Fiber partnered with LogicomUSA to meet regulatory demands and easy integrations in February 2020. They were the first cooperative in Mississippi to launch a FTTH project and continue to grow and meet the needs of their community.

Knoxville Utilities Board will begin serving broadband to their community in the fall of 2022. Upon full fiber deployment, KUB will own and operate the largest municipally-owned FTTH network in the country.

Tombigbee Communications is proud to partner with LogicomUSA. They provide 24/7 superior Tier 1 technical support for our services. They are prepared and ready to assist any problem that may arise with your internet or your phone services. In addition, an actual person will answer the phone so our customer will feel important and valued. This expert will be ready and willing to get them the answer needed to solve their specific issues in a timely manner.