Built For Solutions

From helping you provide services as a Communications Service Provider to enterprise solutions or the right voice systems for a local start-up, we’re here with the communication and technology innovations you’ll need today to meet the challenges that are right around the corner. Just tell us what you need.

FTTx Management

We believe in doing it right and serving our customers to the best of our ability. Your utility is about people and at LogicomUSA® it is no different. We believe in helping to make a difference in the lives of others and helping to connect rural America to the outside world. Let us help you continue to work for the sustainable development of your community.

The ISP Oversight package includes Everything from the Complete ISP Startup Package except for the network engineers and ISP training.

Network Services

Fiber project builds require the design of a massive, completely new network. A network that should fit the needs of your customers and your specific build out. That network will need maintenance and care for years to come, from those with the proper knowledge and experience, for minimal service interruptions.

In business, things have to work and they have to work well. Our network team puts your mind at ease knowing that your network is in good hands. You can depend on us to have your back with your specific needs and issues as they arise. Our team will know your network inside and out, allowing them to assess and constantly stay ahead of issues.

Network and Utility specific assessment and deployment. Your specific situation and needs are taken into consideration to offer you the most optimal solutions.

Broadband Voice

Over half a million devices operate on our platform every day totaling 4 million minutes of traffic. LogicomUSA offers a variety of services for both residential and business settings.

  • Block Unwanted Numbers
  • Robo Call Block
  • Call Detail Record via Portal
  • Call Forward
  • Call Forward Failover
  • Call Return
  • Caller-ID
  • Call Waiting
  • E911
  • Hunting/Rollover (multiple lines)
  • Missed call Alert By Email
  • Personalized User Portal
  • Privacy (caller id block)
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Three Way Calling
  • Voicemail and VM to Email
  • Multi-Level Virtual Receptionist
  • Custom Office-Hour Strategy
  • Programmable Office Holidays
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Employee/Department Ext
  • Custom Music/Messages on Hold
  • Main Business Conference Line
  • User and Admin Portal
  • Voicemail and VM to Email
  • Caller-ID
  • Extension Dialing
  • Call Transfer and Call Forwarding

Your members will want to keep their number and be able to access new numbers as well. Our team understands the process better than anyone else and will take the lead in the porting process making it simple.

Regulatory Compliance

Federal and state regulations require voice, broadband and video regulatory compliance. Providing the expertise and resources necessary to compete, you can confidently focus on your community service and maximize benefits knowing you are mitigating risk!

24/7 Tier 1 Tech Support

Things happen, customers have questions, they want a helpful voice on the line, and it isn’t usually from 9 to 5. Rely on Logicom to be there when others aren’t.

Call Center agents located stateside backed up by engineers located across 4 time zones. On call ready to answer any call night or day with whatever call volume is required by our customers.

Call center specialists are trained to focus on empathizing with the customer and always striving to be helpful. Well trained and highly skilled support team members motivated to provide a timely resolution to issues so the end users have a positive experience.

Every call is answered by a live agent in our call center who assists the caller with many basic issues. Agent enters customer information and issue to be resolved into our ticketing system for our support team. Support team calls the customer back usually within 5-10 minutes and continues trouble shooting the issue. If the issue is still not resolved the ticket will be escalated to the appropriate personnel.

We offer unmatched customer service with live answer and experienced technicians ready to assist 24/7!